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Airbag self- explosion switchboard Model 87/00 Minimax set Membrane pumps
The airbag master 87/00 was developed in narrow collaboration with famous European car manufacturers for the neutralisation of all pyrotechnical components located in the car.

Airbag self- explosion switchboard Model 87/00 Airbagmaster

The airbagmaster 87/00 is built compactly and can be stowed away with the accessories in a handy transport suitcase.

The device may be used only by trained staff and excluding purpose certainly. This device is developed for all currently available cars and also for coming cars.

The airbagmaster contains an ignition device, a remote control, several cable connections and an universal cable. If available adaptor cables for specific vehicles can also be used. In the ignition device, the complete electronics and the suitable electronics are accommodated for the secure ingnition of DC and AC.

The following components are included in the suitcase:

Airbag self- explosion switchboard Model 87/00
  • Ignition device
  • Remote control
  • Cable connection F-Z1
  • Remote control - ignition device
  • Cable connection Z-U2
  • Ignition device - universal cable
  • Universal ignition cable "Eco"
  • Alternatively adaptor cable car manufacturer
  • Textile fertilizer bracelet
  • Ground cable for textile fertilizer bracelet
  • Mass plug
  • Cable connection MS3
  • for mass plug
  • Battery cable
  • Transport suitcase
  • Operating instructions

Technical data:

A-Length 210mm
B-Width 95mm
C-Heigth 85mm

Switchboard 1kg

Temperature -10/40 (°C)
Humidity 10/75 (%) without condense

Voltage 12 V
Frequency DC

Insulating Protection (IP) 66

Minimax set

Minimax set

consisting of:

- Suction apparatus Minimax

- Passenger car service adaptor for low pressure connection 7/16“ UNF

- Passenger car service adaptor for high pressure connection 7/16“ UNF

- Recycling bottle Gr.2, 46.5 cash, contents 12.5 l

- Filling tube ¼“ sets

Filling tube ¼“ CL-120-B

- Connecting fitting VN 7/16“ UNF DIN8906

Membrane pumps

Membrane pumps

Fuel cylinder

Fuel cylinder



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Technische Daten

Spannung: 400 Volt 50 Hz

Leistung: 11 kW

Druck: 170 bar Systemdruck



  • Ausfahrzeit: 9,5 sec.
  • Einfahrzeit: 6,1 sec.


  • Ausfahrzeit: 6 sec.
  • Einfahrzeit: 5 sec.


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