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... this is the name of our new production line and our engagement for the environment protection.

Last year we have improved all of our products with new technology and made them more efficient. We produce innovative products for environment-conscious recycling. With our closed systems you make sure that no dangerous materials get into the environment and pollute our precious drinking water.

Place on us, then you place on environment protection!



07:00 - 20:00
+49 (0)171 6 73 69 91

Contact person

Mr. Siegfried Huber 
Welding technology/ Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Kurt Hutter
0049 (0) 9401-53979-14
Electrical engineering
Mr. Sebastian Huber
0049 (0) 9401-53979-11
Mrs. Cindy Leikam
0049 (0) 9401-53979-12


We search people for a diverse part-time job: Assistant (m/w)

News & Appointments

This summer a product presentation with a talk takes place on the company area of the STH-Anlagenbau GmbH.

Above all this event is directed at fire brigades and at members of the technical charitable organisation (THW), as well as at all the other rescue forces and enthusiasts.

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