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Hydraulic Cutter Package Hydraulic-Aggregate  REA 3.3 Hydraulic cutter

High-capacity guts device with new developed top Grip knives. Sensational high guts achievement and minimum weight of less than 15.4 kg.

Recommended areas of application:

    The combination of the highest guts achievement, big knife opening and big reaping length for:

    • Metal parts, pipes, grids, steel section or tins

    • to push away obstructive metal and metal parts

    • Vehicle parts of all kind

    • Reaping of vehicle parts, catalysts etc.

    • Cables

    • Electronics scrap

    • Reaping of steels, handlebars in vehicles


     Cutter RS-Serie


    Datenblatt RS 105

    Hydraulik Cutter RS 105

    Hydraulic Cutter RS 130

    Hydraulik Cutter RS 130

    Hydraulic Cutter RS 165

    Hydraulik Cutter RS 165


    Aggregate REA 3.3 for hydraulic cutters


    The hydraulic aggregates REA 3.3 can be used for all of our spreading and guts devices.



    Aggregat REA 3.3
      • Working pressure 500 bar
      • Tank contents in 2000 cc

      • 230 V – 50 hertz – 1 phase

      • Output 1st step (speed): In 2400 cc/min.

      • Output 2nd step (speed): 700 cc/min.

      • Mass 27.5 kg

      • Dimensions 405 x 325 x 375 mm

      • With security frame

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